Chetco River Steelhead

Smith River Steelhead Fishing- Steelhead Fishing Guide 
Chetco River Steelhead Fishing

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Steelhead fishing - Smith River Steelhead Fishing - Steelhead Fishing Guide 
Chetco River Steelhead Fishing .  Come on a guided steelhead fishing trip with the Professionals

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Smith River Steelhead fishing
for a fishing experience of a lifetime. Smith River guided fishing trips and Chetco River Guided fishing tripssteelhead fishing at the finest. 
Enjoy the best steelhead fishing, fully guided, in Northern California, on the Smith River  with Outdoor Adventures Sport Fishing and Pro Guide Kirk Portocarrero .

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Also, providing Chetco River Steelhead fishing trips. The Chetco River Guided Steelhead fishing take place in Brookings, Oregon, approximately 10 miles from the California border.  Great outdoor adventures on the coastal rivers.
Steelhead fishing California - Steelhead fishing Oregon  

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First a little history of  Smith River fishing, in Smith River, California. The Smith River, which is located in Del Notre County. The Smith River is the Northern most of  California's major rivers. The mouth of the Smith River,
10 miles North of Crescent City, California.
  The Smith River is undammed and  the largest free-flowing river in the state, Even after a  big storm this  river can clear within several hours, which is great for  the eager fisherman. Smith River steelhead fishing produces the largest steelhead, with the state record Smith River steelhead, 27 lbs 4 oz.
Smith River Steelhead start their runs early December and run at their prime through March.

Smith River Steelhead fishing AND the Chetco River Steelhead fishing really takes off in the month of February, producing monster steelhead. These big, chrome steelhead are awesome fighters and give any angler a thrill.
Smith River Steelhead fishing  will produce  steelhead averaging in size from  8-15 lbs., with an occasional 20 pounder. Steelhead fishing areas can range from the areas of  the very Northern California, and in  the very Southern Oregon area when fishing the Chetco River.  Drifting about a 15 mile stretch and  fishing from our custom built  Fishrite drift boats, (equipped  with heater and plenty of storage),. This could not be a better way to see these magnificent rivers. The scenery is breathtaking.

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Smith River Fishing and Chetco River fishing


All equipment is provided on this guided trip, aboard our custom built drift boats. Reeling in this tough fighting fish will leave any angler  with wanting more.  Areas fishing Smith River, CA to Oregon

Areas fishing: Smith River , CA to Brookings, Oregon.

Included:  All equipment is provided on this guided trip, aboard our custom built drift boats w/heaters. Rain gear provided, if needed. All equipment provided. 

Not Included:  Things you should  bring on your guided trip are California fishing license and/or Oregon Fishing license.  Warm clothes, Extra dry clothes, rain gear, lunch ( food & drink ).

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